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New Color Lenses For Women's Large Contact Lenses

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[DIMENSIONS& SPECIFICATIONS]Overall Size 38\'x38\'x78\',Seating Size 29.2\' L x 25.6\' W x 39\' H,Easy and quick installation: The installation Can be Completed in Three Minutes for a Single Person.

Product information:
Lens Color:BROWN
Base arc:8.6mm

"This product is a daily wear soft strip water contact lens. Mainly composed of methacrylic group
Color, N+Vinylpyridine, Flat Acrylic, Methyl Acrylic
It can be divided into single color (cotton, black) and double color according to color.
Color (main colors are purple, green, wear, gray, building) lenses. polypropylene cup or ki
Glass bottle packaging. Moisture content: 38%, the recommended replacement cycle is six months to one year. product
Sterilized by steam moist heat. Sterile valid for 5 years"

Packing list:
Color contact lenses*1 pair


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