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Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Doorbell Remote Control Intelligent 38 Songs 3rd Gear+mute Alarm Self Generating Electronic Doorbell

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[DIMENSIONS& SPECIFICATIONS]Overall Size 38\'x38\'x78\',Seating Size 29.2\' L x 25.6\' W x 39\' H,Easy and quick installation: The installation Can be Completed in Three Minutes for a Single Person.



outdoor Waterproof wireless doorbell Remote Control Intelligent 38 Songs 3rd gear mute alarm Self Generating Electronic Doorbell



Working voltage: AC100V-230V 50/60Hz


Operating frequency: 433.92MHz


Standby power consumption: 0.25W


Music: 38 songs


Volume: 3rd gear mute


Controllable volume: ≥ 50dB/1m


Receiving distance: ≥ 150m (no obstacle in the open area)


Receiver operating temperature: - 10 ° C - 45 ° C


Working temperature of transmitter: - 20 ° C~ 60 °


Receiver size: 78 * 54 * 45mm


Emitter size: 66 ′ 40 * 20mm


The transmitter does not need a battery. Press it to generate power automatically


1. Self generating wireless doorbell without battery and wiring


2. Press your finger to generate electricity; without battery for life


When you press your finger; the kinetic energy will be converted into electric energy; and the wireless signal will be transmitted instantly; so you don't have to worry about changing the battery for the doorbell.


3. Strong penetration and long distance


The 433.92 frequency wireless signal is adopted; which can penetrate 3-4 gates with super penetration; and the reception distance in open areas can reach 150 meters


4. Free code matching and rejection of serial ringing


Even if a neighbor buys the same doorbell; it will not ring in series. Learning code technology is used. You don't need to worry about stringing lines with the next door. You can also match them according to your own needs to meet home use


5. High volume without leakage; and the third gear is optional


No matter balcony; kitchen or horizontal; it can be heard; which is convenient for family to use; 3 level volume control; can also be muted; and the sound level can be determined at will

Package Included:

1 * doorbell; 1 * doorbell button



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